About Anna Rannestad Design

Hello, I am Anna :) I was born I St Petersburg while my parents were celebrating Christmas there. My first three years we lived in Georgia, on the shores of the Black Sea, which is actually not black, but rather beautifully dark turquoise when the sun is shining - which is often the case except when interrupted by flashing thunder and bucket rain. My parents moved to St Petersburg when I was three and I grew up there in the city of classic architecture and an active cultural scene. In addition to painting and exploring literature I started dancing, first ballroom dancing, then flamenco. After many white nights my journey went to Norway for studies and arctic adventures in the land of the aurora borealis - the Northern lights.
Looking for warm clothes up north it was hard to find something colourful. I love colours. So I finally decided to design my own dream coat, in wonderful colours - and also using natural materials, like wool and silk.

I always wanted to put together art and fashion. On my website you will find watercolour painting incorporated into clothing. All from flowers, plants and animals to flamenco motives. 

On sustainability

Anna Rannestad Design (ARD) focuses on making its products from natural materials and fabrics (like wool and silk) that are high quality and therefore have a long life. ARD is always looking for the new and more sustainable alternatives when it comes to materials and is always focused on optimizing quality and price for the customer. ARD works with suppliers whom we have a very close dialogue with to build a long-term and credible cooperation. ARD chooses packaging for its products that are environmentally friendly. We also choose transport companies that aim to work in the most sustainable way possible.